Marcella McCurdy Consulting is a management consulting business specializing  in recruitment.

We help both corporations and colleges with training regarding human resources, bridging the gap between the corporate world and universities. 

The equation of recruitment...

Recruitment of talented, committed employees is a perennial thorn in the side of many businesses. Finding the right people to help a company grow can be tricky, between having to filter out unqualified applicants and choose between two or three seemingly qualified finalists in the interview process.

On the other side of the coin, college students often face challenges when it comes to selecting a career path and finding the right mentors and internship programs to help them develop their skills and launch their careers. Add in the generational differences between the Baby Boomer generation that typically composes the managerial and hiring categories and the Millennials and Generation Z applicants, and you wind up with a gap in communication styles and expectations that require a qualified mediator to solve.

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