Hiring the right talent and putting talent in the right seat is an essential component of any thriving organization, but technology has in some ways made it more difficult for employers to recruit the right talent. Part of this is attributed to the automated process, which makes it more difficult than ever to determine if candidate will be the right fit for the job.


At the same time, management personnel sometimes lack the training necessary to make good hiring decisions. Many organizations have an underutilized and untapped resource of talent within their organization because they do not truly understand their staff members. This is where Marcella McCurdy Consulting comes into play, providing outside support. Marcella McCurdy Consulting has over 15 years of experience in the talent recruitment, career counseling, and diversity industry working in the private and public sector. Marcella McCurdy Consulting loves to connect the right talent to the right roles. Marcella McCurdy Consulting provides a human touch, and helps companies to find, train, and develop the right talent to complement the right role, ensuring the success of the organization and of the prospective employee. 

Marcella McCurdy Consulting will work with corporations to teach them best practices for recruiting college students. Often, corporations use outdated methods of posting job ads that result in a wave of unqualified applicants simply because they do not know better methods of reaching out to the right talent pool. These companies typically have budgets for training and development, which Marcella McCurdy will tap in order to train Human Resources departments on modern recruiting methods, including using social media. The Company will train these departments in a holistic way, giving them the broad base of tools that will help them reach out to qualified applicants across all relevant channels. This can include the following channels:


●      Working with university cultural and diversity groups

●      Campus career fairs

●      Employee advisory board participation